Perception of quality is the opinion, impression or feeling that consumers have of products or services they consume.  Such perceptions are subjective, intangible, difficult to measure and always fluctuating.

In today's digital age fuelled by 24x7 social media, perceptions are shaped rapidly based on clicks and tweets rather than by conventional word of mouth.

The quality of what you have to offer is in the minds and perceptions of your customers.  Perceived quality, not actual quality, influences the buyer's choice and shapes the buyer's behaviour.

Our promise is to help you continually measure and manage your customers' perception of quality.  We guarantee success through our data-driven tools and methods to help you build a broader and more loyal fan base.

A few things we are really good at: 

  • Measuring customer perceptions of quality
  • Collaborating on process and product innovations
  • Managing improvements for lasting customer impressions
  • Business transformation through proven tools and methods
  • Education and training programs on customer quality